I'm currently working on a PhD thesis, financed by the ANR Crowdguard, focusing on the protection of confidentiality in crowdsourcing platforms.

For my summer internship in 2017 (supervised by Allard Tristan and Gross-Amblard David), I studied the protection of privacy in the context of crowdsourcing.

For my summer internship in 2016 (supervised by Gambs Sébastien and Tapp Alain), I went to Montréal and studied discrimination in the context of machine learning during summer 2016. A proposal for a new definition of discrimination for personalization algorithms

During the year 2015-2016, I worked on a research project aiming at improving the Influence Maximization through a network, by characterizing the item to propagate by a Hierarchy of topics: Hierarchical Topic-aware Influence Maximization (with Bonin Grégoire, directed by Gross-Amblard David and Allard Tristan)

As a part of my lessons in Cloud and Big Data courses in years 2015-2016, I studied the data logs of Hadoop in order to extract the real interest of data locality in cloud computing, and then the different ways to optimize this data locality: On Optimizing Data Locality in Hadoop (with Bonin Grégoire, Haudebourg Timothée and Marty Thibaut,directed by Ibrahim Shadi)

During my internship at the end of the year 2014-2015, I contributed to the elaboration of prunings in Monte-Carlo Tree Search method for the game of Havannah, with Ahmad Mazyad, Fabien Teytaud, and Julien Dehos : Pruning playouts in Monte-Carlo Tree Search for the game of Havannah